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Paul has been operating as a commercial beekeeper in the Sarina area since Feb 2000, after working with the DPI in the soil science area and spending a few summers in Canada working with large honey producers.

His passion for bees stemmed from an introduction to beekeeping in Grade 7 when a classmate’s father taught a group of children how to set up and maintain hives of their own.  From this time he carried on beekeeping as a hobby with up to 11 hives at times.  Paul has reciprocated this kind gesture by volunteering his services to introduce students to bees at the Rural Skills Centre at the local high school and forming the Central Queensland Beekeepers Association to introduce others to beekeeping.

Petrie State School Students Learning BeekeepingPaul originally traded as Cadena Apiaries, with a focus on producing queen bees for the domestic and Canadian market. In the years that followed the focus moved to honey production, and a fresh new look was adopted in 2012 with the change in name to Bee2U. Our hives are moved between honey flows within a 400 km radius from our Sarina Range base.

We have two ‘apprentice’ beekeepers, Lachlan and Aidan, who love to help their Dad in the shed making boxes and fixing frames. While Paul takes care of the operational activities, Wendy looks after the administration, financial, packaging and marketing aspects of the business, in addition to dabbling in the production of natural wax products when time permits.


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